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(Late) #breakfast in bed. More on @hellohomeshoppe soon! #foodporn
Thank you @rachelbeaux for finishing our logo! Errbody please follow @hellohomeshoppe for more  updates on our blog/sandwich endeavor :)
Chopped off my mermaid hair :)

Our confetti gift wrapping idea on Opening Ceremony’s blog! #confettisystem #openingceremony

En route to New York, pt. 2

I&#8217;ll be on my way to new york very shortly!

Sometimes only one person is missing and the whole world seems depopulated.

— Alphonse de Lamartine (via dailystendhalnitesaudade)

Frost Flowers Blooming in the Arctic Ocean

Here’s a magical view of “frost flowers” blooming over the surface of the Arctic Ocean. Frost flowers form when newly formed ice “sublimates,” or changes directly from a solid to a gas without going through the liquid stage in subzero air temperature (-22C or -7.6F).